Fulvic Drops



blk. Drops are an ideal solution when you're on the go. These flavorless drops can fulvic-charge any of the drinks you already consume, such as:

  • coffee, tea or regular water
  • protein shakes
  • soups
  • add a few drops on your salad
  • so much more!

These drops are great before or after a work out for replenishing any lost minerals for stamina and strength. Support muscles and skin at the cellular level.

A must-have for anyone on the go…..

Dr. Alex Carrel winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine stated “ Soil is the basis of all human life…All of life will be healthy or unhealthy according to the fertility of the soil.” We need to replenish what is lost in what has been lost in our soil due to over-farming, erosion, pollution, increasing salinity and loss of soil diversity