Years ago, a Brazilian man living in Santa Barbara, California taught us everything he knew about the art of coffee. How to find and buy the best green coffee beans in the world and how to unlock their flavor and aroma with careful, artisan roasting. “This is the art of coffee,” he told us. “It takes love and dedication. It takes the use of your senses—your taste, your smell, your vision, and your touch. It challenges your heart and mind, too. Make a choice every day that your coffee will have a positive impact on your customers, a positive impact on the environment, and a positive impact on the families of coffee farmers around the world.”


Brazuka Coffee Roasters is a family-owned and operated coffee-roasting business in Ventura County, California.

We built Brazuka Coffee Roasters on the principles taught to us by our Brazilian friend. We are Certified Organic in order to reduce stress on the global environment; we are Fair Trade in order to enhance the lives of the farmers who grow these wonderful coffee beans; and, most of all, we carefully roast our coffee in small batches to give our customers the best possible cup of coffee for their hard-earned dollars.


Our customers are office coffee suppliers, restaurant owners, inn keepers, caterers, retail markets, internet customers, and our neighbors. Whether they are engineers in large companies working on life-saving medical systems or hard-working caterers to the Hollywood stars, they all trust Brazuka to deliver great coffee and great customer service every time. No fuss. No muss. Just a great cup of coffee. One of life’s simple but beautiful pleasures.


We promise to you this: We will deliver excellent Organic and Fair Trade coffee to your home, office, or restaurant at a fair price. On time. Freshly roasted. Remarkable. We will personally resolve any customer issues at no risk to you.

We want you to be a customer for life. We take your trust to heart. It’s what we’re all about.


Welcome to Brazuka Coffee Roasters and The Art of Coffee. Thank you for choosing to make a difference one cup at a time.